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Design Help for the Renovation Generation

Design Help is an interior design resource offering videos, fact sheets, advice, hints, tips and our unique project management tool, The Master Plan.

Developed for the everyday homeowner, Design Help aims to help you get the best out of your project and get it working to suit your budget, not the other way around.

We don’t all have a bottomless budget, which is why we help you get your money working harder to achieve the best results.

Debby Thurston is the architect of Design Help. She is a qualified Interior Designer with over 30 years experience. She created the site to support everybody; whether you are going through a full house re-decoration, one room refresh, an extension or a complex refurbishment programme, her advice has been designed for all.

Renovation can be testing and finding solutions that fit your budget, as well as implementing and understanding the process, needs skill, and that’s where we can help.

The Professional Image
We help simplify the fundamental requirements to achieve good interior design, so that everyone can achieve that elusive, professional edge. Designing your own home is a very personal experience and we understand that each project is different.

  • Getting started can be a challenge
  • Having confidence in your ideas requires support
  • To DIY or not to DIY – that is the question!

Enjoying the Process

Interior Design is an exciting subject, but sometimes it can be fraught with the complexities of the build and decoration side. We can help you to help yourself and put the fun and excitement back into the design.

You will quickly learn which aspects of your project may need special attention and with knowledge, you can plan, relax and enjoy the journey:

  • An action plan to suit all projects
  • Genuine understanding of the word ‘Budget’
  • Bringing a new meaning to the Wow Factor

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Access to Design information is often academic, which is fine for those with unlimited means – and can afford to take on board professional help. However, we feel it suggests interior design is elitist and unobtainable.

This is so far from the truth! Even with a Tiny Budget you can learn to spend wisely and still achieve amazing results.

Design and Decoration
We de-mystify design terminology but if you want to bring in the specialists, then we help you take on the consultants to give you value for money and the right information. We help you to work with your trades and professionals as well, so everyone wins.

Concept to Installation
Design starts with ideas on colour, texture, shape and form, and, with dynamic creativeness, develops into real life interior design. Sometimes budgets dictate and projects are broken into stages, but this is all ok and within your reach, especially when you understand the rules.  The fun part is that, with informed decisions, you can break the rules for interiors success.

New Tricks

  • So you think you can’t draw – think again
  • Frightened of using colour or pattern – we are here to show you how
  • Working with the Builders has been a problem – there are simple solutions

Learning how to turn your space around so it works with your lifestyle, appreciating the relevance of planning, discovering new ideas to light your room, as well as making sense of managing your project will put you in control to get the home you want.

We also want you to show off your work! Our ‘Positive Box’ gives all our members the chance to showcase and celebrate their successful projects.

Want to join Design Help? We feel we offer really valuable information, and there is something for everyone, regardless of your budget.

We don’t sell ‘products’, we advise and help you, to help yourself. We will motivate, encourage and enthuse you and in return, you will have a unique and fabulous new interior.

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