Two New Concepts Developed into Schemes on a Sample Board:

How to use your samples to help you visualise your schemes and ideas using professional tips.

People will be familiar with the word Mood board because it is so widely used especially in magazines and online. Not always correctly, but the words Concept is used throughout the Design Help philosophy and the Sample Board is exactly what it says. It’s a board showing the samples that are to be used in a scheme but the way they are presented, their relationship to each other and size is what sets the professional board apart from the amateur media attempts.

This video will show you:

Image: A piece of artwork inspires the Concept

Image: The completed scheme; A sample Board  

Unique interior

Designing a unique interior is not easy and is why Design Help has a four video set on how to get started with your concepts (see Finding your Personal Style and Concept). Sometimes you may have very strong design elements to work with and get you started but confidence to ensure you have chosen wisely especially when you are taking bold dramatic steps needs something more.

The benefits of learning professional skills:

Image: A sample board for kitchen/living room

Image: A sample board for kitchen/living room

Image: The completed open plan kitchen/living room

Creating a Board

There are many interior designers with good qualifications in the UK and the industry sounds very attractive to work in. It is, but it has a discipline and this video gives a unique insight into the decorative side of the business which is the bit you see in an interior. It can often appear too complicated, especially colour, but there are simple guidelines to help you. Creating a board for yourself can be great fun which is what designing your own home should be all about.

What is Included:



The Video is about developing concepts into full schemes and shows how important a concept is.

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Two Concepts Developed into Schemes on a Sample Board

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Colour Bundle of 7 videos

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