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The Tiny Budget: Home Renovation on a Tight Budget


The Tiny Budget is a free resource to the homeowner searching for new ideas for their home renovation on a budget they can afford.  

Using the latest designs and interior finishes are expensive to put into practice and you will need a healthy budget in order to do so. Here are some home interior renovation examples that you can do on a limited/small budget.

Pro tip – Spending a little more on some areas of your home renovation project will not only give you a better finish, but it will also save you money in the long run. Here are 4 home renovation areas where better quality is cheaper than the low cost option.



laminated v real wood flooring

Laminate flooring has long been used as an alternative to real wood floor, however it often feels like walking on plastic – which is basically what it is.  

A company that offers a good in between flooring is Woodpecker with their Wembury Range from @£26 per sq mtr. up to Brecon at £42psq mtr.

Benefits of using Woodpecker Laminate Flooring:

  • Great quality
  • Installation is a floated suitable over concrete, existing wood floors, tiles, pvc and lino
  • No nails or adhesive is required with Easiloc joints, quick fit
  • It can be used with underfloor heating
  • Very hard wearing and 8mm in thickness
  • Easy to clean and absorb sound with their underlay
  • A good variety of wood colours and grains

There are cheaper varieties of laminate flooring on the market but not with all these credentials and your flooring is one area that really gets a battering so worth spending that bit extra for ease of installation and maintenance.



Walls in a room make up one of the three vital areas you instantly see all the time, namely the floors, the ceiling and the walls, therefore its vital they have a great look and work for you.  They can take a real battering as furniture and family life takes its toll.

The cheapest way of covering your walls is with paint, which is an amazing value- for- money product. However, it’s worth keeping in mind that the cheapest quality of paint is not going to give you longevity and when you are short of money and time this is definitely one area where quality will help.  

Often a square meterage of paint coverage per litre is quoted, but if you need three coats instead of two to achieve a quality finish that is fast drying, ecological and the job can be completed over a weekend, then the better quality product is worth the cost.

The Little Green Paint company’s’ Intelligent’ range covers:

  • Walls – matt emulsion, absolute matt emulsion, 
  • Ceilings – as above
  • Woodwork – Gloss, Eggshell, Undercoat

This range is suitable for renovating both Kitchens and Bathrooms so there is no need to buy specialist paint. 

They also make traditional paints for walls such as water based and environmentally friendly ones.

  • Limewash for interior walls and exterior masonry in 128 colours
  • Distemper for interior walls and ceilings in a 128 colours that is also wipeable
  • Floor Paint which is oil based but exceptionally durable

good quality paint

Don’t be fooled into accepting well advertised brands over quality goods that put their money in the paint.  

If you want serious advice about quality paints speak to a specialist at Brewers or even a top decorator. They know which paints are good quality and great to work with.



If your home renovation budget allows it and you really want to fly with your designs, then you must choose some wallpaper as this is a great design revolution.

Check out our blog on ‘Pattern in Interiors’ to learn more about how to use wallpaper in your home renovation project. 

wallpaper for home renovation on a budget

The quality and cost of a wallpaper is dependent on several factors: 

  • The wallpaper design: Coles Wallpapers, which are usually in the higher price bracket but have some of the most fantastic designs which take a lot of preparation
  • The quality of the wallpaper: There are various grades of thicknesses of paper and vinyls, plus ready pasted wallpaper at the lower end of the market
  • The quality of the printing of the design and any embellishment
  • Outside costs: Like marketing, designer shops or sheds will also impact the price point at which a wallpaper will be sold at

Pro tip: Like many products, you can buy wallpaper online but never commit unless you have a sample of the paper first.  What you see on line can be very different to the real thing so always take the trouble to get samples first.

The large botanical and fantasy designs have large pattern repeats and if you are working to a budget check out the amount as you can find yourself wasting a lot of paper.  Also some papers are best hung by a specialist and many decorators are not experienced paper hangers. Therefore this becomes a more expensive operation, that just the cost of the paper.



As a designer, I rarely use readymade curtains. I prefer to specify fabric independently and having things made to measure as the cost isn’t very different and you get a much better quality and finish that is bespoke to you. 

The clever bit is visualising what it will look like when finished, as with readymade items that come in a pack you can see how they will look like in a picture, whereas when choosing your own fabrics you need confidence in your choice.


The Fabric world is geared to this method of specification, but there are some great fabrics out there at exceptionally good prices – you just have to find them.  

Without a doubt John Lewis has always been a leader in the field of providing soft furnishings and great value but have a look at Brewer’s Interior Design Centres who have a fantastic range of fabrics and Clarke and Clarke are an excellent buy. Prices with Specification below.

In the Design Help Member area you can see exactly how these were used in a scheme.  

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Clarke and Clarke Samples from the Brewers Showroom with a Graham and Brown wallpaper and a Woodpecker Laminate Flooring.

Samples Specification as Shown in Photo.

  • Wallpapers; Graham and Brown Chenille Beige and Gold Wallpaper 10146594 £24 per roll.
  • Woodpecker Flooring Brecon Laminate in Toasted Oak, Whisper Oak and Ivory Oak. £24.99 per metre
  • Plain Fabrics from Clarke and Clarke at Brewers, Seda in Olive, F1078.23, Seda Paprika F1078/24, Seda Sage F1078/28 Seda Spice F1078/29 £20 per metre.
  • Linso 2 Linso citrus Fo453/07/C, Linso 2 Turmeric F0453/64, Lindso 2 Pesto F045328 C, £15.00 per metre
  • Kahlo check Olive F1025.05 Matador Collection. £61.00 per metre.


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