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The Dangerous Art of Sale Shopping for Your Interior Design Project

The good and bad of buying bargains for your home Interior Design Project

We’ve all been there.

The excitement of seeing that item you’ve wanted go on sale with a 50% discount. Although we mainly do this with clothes, shoes, suits or toys, how do you take advantage of the Sales when buying for your home?

How do you extend that budget to give you the items you felt were out of reach?

Big Ticket Items

As an advocate of concept and planning your ideas, I am not one for recommending that the big-ticket items, such as Bathroom or Kitchens are best, ‘found’ in sales, unless you are in the know, or really lucky.  

For these purchases, I would hold back on the New Year Sales, because, quite simply, they are always ‘On Sale’ at intervals throughout the year, especially if you are buying off the shelf styles, from the large DIY outlets, chain stores or depots.   

Sale Commitment

The smaller, more local suppliers may offer more genuine discounts, however, but don’t throw caution to the wind.  

Firstly, find out how long the sale lasts and when you must part with that all-important deposit money. These areas need careful planning as they will become a very central and focal part of your designs, so they could start dictating and altering your original concept.  

That’s why it’s important to check the following:

  • That there is a genuine reason for this product being on sale
  • Discover its original price and how long it has been on the market
  • Find out if the same guarantees and T & C’s apply
  • Look at the latest designs and how do they ‘really’ compare.

Ironically, sale items are not always the best buys. If you are shopping at the top-end of the market you may find a better alternative by widening your search.

Very few retailers purely sell own-brand goods but are also distributors for a variety of other brands or suppliers. They may have an even better deal to offer, so always look at their sites to find out more.

Bargain Buys

There are, however, many good reasons to buy smaller items and finishing touches in the Sales because if they don’t quite work out, your money may not be wasted, and your financial commitment is considerably less.  

It’s always worth shopping with your fabric samples and colour swatches, so you can colour match with confidence.   

If the style is not quite right, then maybe it can be placed in a less central location, but elsewhere and still add interest.

There’s nothing like finding an inspirational piece at a bargain price, especially when it comes to the creative finishing touches. Art work and accessories are style setting design pieces that help define your concept.

If you see a bargain, go for it. You need them, so don’t let them go or waste time on haggling down even further or thinking about it for too long.

Buy some piece of mind

If you are not sure about making a purchase, take a photo, take measurements, colour match and leave your name and contact details so you can return to it. When you do, check it out carefully with a clear head.  Phone to commit and hopefully secure the deal, or have the item put aside and out of view for immediate collection.

Renovating your home is expensive, which is why a bargain or discount is great to have as it delivers encouragement and motivation, often when you most need it.    

However, if you buy something in advance of completing your interior design project, such as a sofa or larger items, make sure you have the following in place:

  • Everything in writing, so you can track and trace everything
  • Storage and any additional costs to hold the product while work is being carried out
  • Delivery Charges
  • Understanding of any time constraints or delays

Don’t throw away those brochures you’ve been gathering, keep them to hand with the colours, dimensions and anything that will act as an ‘aide memoire’ of what you have bought and stored.

‘God is in the Detail’. He lives with design and architecture.

When buying media equipment, consider your eyes and the size of your room! This is where technical and build information are essential.

Make sure you have these to hand and can add to your Schedule of Works if necessary, especially if your laying cables or placing sockets in exact positions.

As much as we’d all like to rush in a grab a great bargain, it’s always worth taking a deep breath and thinking about how it will work in the long-term when your build or upgrade is complete.

Find out more on how Design Help can support with your interior design project and help you create the home of your dreams.

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