Technical Drawing and Space Planning:

Using the design of an open plan kitchen, this covers space planning basics and the next step up in technical drawing.

This Video is the next stage to technical drawing and space planning as its done with the scale rule and shows the design of a kitchen, an area for everyday meals and a sitting area. The design of a kitchen is not easy but the principles used are very relevant for many other types of design. This is a lesson in technical drawing as well which will allow you to become more proficient than just drawing a survey and using templates. It’s the next step up.

This video will explain:

Who this video is for:

1. Drawing Equip,

Image: The start of a basic pencil layout on tracing paper over the plan

Anyone can draw.....!

So many people say they cannot draw but they are wrong. Some are better than others but it comes down to being taught and understanding the information you need to give and how to impart it with skill.

Technical drawing does have a method and the computer operates very well if you have good input and recognise your mistakes. Computers make a drawing look professional but all designers start off using a pencil to learn the basics. Understanding what you are drawing and why, is essential and there is a process. It’s quick easy and cheap! Therefore this is great whether you are designing for yourself or have ideas of perhaps a new career.

Additional information

The video also explores Elevation, hand drawing and shows some detail drawings. We look at the space and how the planning works with balance and using centre lines to work from. The Kitchen is complemented with a different style of ‘kitchen dining’ and then a space for sitting in a room with a view.

The fact sheets - a Design Help Special

The Fact Sheets have a revised and updated version of Space Allowance for all Furniture Layouts. Whatever room you are designing you have a guide as to what to work with if you are working with your own furniture, survey and plans without templates. If you work at 1:50 you can combine our Templates with your bespoke drawing to give a complete plan.

You do not have to have a drawing board.
Just a set square, T bar or ruler and pencil. You may need a rubber!

LR 46

What is Included:


The video is in two parts of 30 minutes each but shows you step by step how to draw up. 

The Fact Sheets are 3300 words plus the Space Allowance Document with Tables, Squares to check your scale rule against.

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Technical Drawing & Space Planning

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  • Video on drawing a kitchen, dining and sitting area
  • In-depth Fact Sheets
  • Special Space Allowance Table
  • 1x Meter Squares, Technical Symbols and some 1:25 Templates

Space Planning Bundle

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  • Planning your Space using Templates and a Scale Rule (this includes the Design Help Templates)
  • Technical Drawing and Space Planning
  • Templates to Scale at 1.50


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