Surveying Equipment & How To Draw Your Survey:

Putting your measurements down on paper using simple tools and techniques.

If you wish to carry out your own survey then this is a great way to really understand the space you are working with and also get to know it intimately. There really is no substitute. You need very little in the way of equipment and if you can read a tape measure you have the skills.

What you will learn

This module is for you if you are working:

Image: Colour matching charts

Image: Survey equipment

What to expect...

Doing your own survey will save you money. If your project is much larger and you know you will need a planning application then its best to use a professional to produce the survey drawn up by CAD which you can still use for your Furniture Layouts and additional design.

This Module is in two videos which visually explain how to do a survey. It is very simple if you arm yourself with some basic equipment and follow the step by step process which will make it easy for anyone to do.

What is included

This Module is in two videos which visually explain how to do a survey and so valuable when it comes seeing something that looks complex but is very simple and the step by step process will make it easy for anyone to do.

Survey Equipment 

Easy to follow video with supporting fact sheet with additional information

Using the correct equipment will really help and we list the items of what you need, most of which you will already have. There is back up information which goes further than just the equipment giving useful hints and tips of how to use the equipment as there are some short cuts and tried and tested methods.

How To Draw Your Survey

Easy to follow video with supporting fact sheet with additional information

Taking down your measurements and adding them to your sketch will make drawing up to scale easy as you will need to be able to read back what you have measured. We recommend taking several panoramic photos of the whole space or each wall and awkward details. These will be invaluable when drawing up later.

More information about the second video:

At this stage this is just a sketch with measurements on and it is not a work of art. It’s a means to an end and can be fun but does take some time, so if it is your own property then you may need to move a few pieces of furniture.

If it’s a new property you are thinking of buying then you need to ask permission to survey the property. Saving money and using it in a more creative way for your project is perfect if you are working to a budget and none of this is difficult. The Video of 8 minutes and the Fact Sheets have over 3000 words an invaluable Check list and a Sample Sketch which will make this journey easy. Have Fun!!

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