Sourcing and Sampling:

Collecting samples is vital to ensure good colour matching and a successful scheme. Some tips on sourcing and the value of quality samples.

It is one of the most asked questions ‘where do I find my samples’ and for the non- professional who has not done this before it can be a problem. If you live in a city like London or a large town you should have access to most interior design elements from retail outlets but it is not always easy to convince them that you need samples and more than one.

To make your project a success, you need to understand the:

This video is great for most projects including:

Image: Designers Guild Fabric Surimono-berry 1

Image: A selection of wallpaper from Wallpapers Direct

Quality samples

The focal point may be your inspiration and when collecting samples you need to take this with you or at least a picture and some colour matching references. Online colour cannot be relied upon and its essential you obtain real samples. Large samples are also important because you cannot see the real impact of the colour or texture on your scheme with tiny chips as a reference. Although you may have to have returnable samples and leave a deposit or even pay for some it is worthwhile to be confident that you have chosen accurately.

Updates; Sampling, Colour & Pattern Matching Part 2

Image: A collection of many samples for The Charles Project 


Image: Paint Samples from Little Greene Display

What is Included:

18 minute video with 2516 Words in the Fact Sheets

This video highlights the importance of collecting samples for everything you are usingThis is an important statement about the video. Most people get the basics and forget other types of samples like the wood and the ceiling. In the video Two New Concepts developed into Schemes on Sample Boards this shows the importance in the size, type and all the schemes samples.

The Fact Sheets that accompany the video of 18 minutes are over 2500 words and an important read. The video also refers to other videos that are available on Colour and associated topics.


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Sourcing and Sampling

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