Understanding Plan and Elevation

How to read your architect’s drawings so you can contribute and draw your own.

I have seen so many people sit with their architect discussing their extension or new plans without any real idea of what they are looking at. They feel difficult to ask for an explanation and yet this would always be willingly explained, however, sometimes it is good to have independent advice and take the time to digest at your own pace and prepare your questions. Without real knowledge, decisions based on guesswork, lead to misunderstandings. Clients can often feel ‘not in control of their project’ and unable to make suggestions

What You Will Learn:

Who This Module is for:

Image: A CAD drawn and rendered plan and elevation

What to expect...

Plans and Elevations are the basic drawings needed to design your floor layouts and any planning applications. These are fundamental.  There are additional drawings but these can come later. 

The next step is to understand the Scale Rule and how it is used because then your basic needs to appreciate plan, elevation and planning space effectively, will just need a bit of practise. These are invaluable skills. We have a video dedicated to the Scale Rule.






The Scale Rule

Image: The Scale Rule and Drawing Equipment

Hand drawing of plan and elevation

Image: A hand drawn plan and elevation

What is Included

Understanding Plan and Elevation

This video is part of the ‘must-haves’ if you are planning any building works to extend, but is equally useful for planning ‘layouts’ not only at floor level but also the walls, which will complete your design.  The next stage is to take on the challenge of the services and design your ceiling to match your plan. Design Help has this covered too!

Supported with a 1200 word Fact Sheet

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