Planning your Space using Templates and a Scale Rule:

The easiest way of planning space using the Design Help Templates to scale at 1:50
(includes Templates)

Planning your space using Templates and a Scale Rule is an ideal way for beginners to get going with Scale without the necessity for using any complex technical drawing skills. It works with most rooms and open plan space and is mainly used for free standing furniture.

You will quickly be able to:

It can be combined with ‘built in’ space planning, but not in elevation (See Drawing your Survey using the Scale Rule – which explains about Elevations and how to draw them).

You will need a plan drawn to the same scale as the Templates. You can make your own templates that match the size of your furniture or use the Design Help Templates which are available to download either at 1:50. See Design Help Templates.

Image: Planning space with templates

Image: Planning space with templates

What you will achieve:

It covers some excellent principles of planning space, eg the architectural grid, the focal point and movement. It also shows you how the plan works 3 dimensionally with the paper model called a ‘Maquette’ making the architectural method of drawing in 2 D and 3D very easy to understand.


Image: The Maquette

Templates and Paint pots

Image: Colour and Templates

What is included

This is a great video with comprehensive back up information you will really see the benefits.

This video is unique because it works with a brief and shows the importance of using a scale rule, the space you should leave in between furniture for access and to get from one part of the room to the other and the need for flexibility. With 12 minutes of video and over 2800 words of back up information with, you will really see the benefits of ‘planning to scale’ the easy way because you can change the plan many times showing you all the advantages and disadvantages of different layouts.

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