Open Plan Living with a Lighting Overlay:

A first look at open plan living, the consequences and preparation needed for designing a lighting scheme.

This video is a must, especially the accompanying Fact sheets which discuss ‘open plan’ generally and specifically to this video. There is a second part to the Fact Sheets, initiates some questions you must ask yourself if you are thinking of working with your existing property.

What you will learn

This module is for:

Image: The brick work here shows the fireplace wall as a feature

Image: The brick work in this image shows it being used as a link from one space to another giving continuity in a small space

A reality check

Everyone wants to open up their space to give a light airy contemporary space which can be very successful. The reality is open-plan is not always appropriate for every space especially in refurbishment. The cost and disruption of inserting necessary structural steel and the complete overhaul of the services so they work as one can be expensive.

A new decorative idea

Open Plan is also many peoples dream as they see it constantly in the magazines but when confronted with the ‘very contemporary’ they shy away as it does not represent a cosy home. Decoratively everything should ‘hang together’ which often means success requires starting from scratch with all new furnishings and built in fitments. A new ‘broken plan’ idea for space planning allows for dividing screens and options for closing off areas as needed and although expensive, is a great halfway house.

Image: Open Plan Living;  A purpose built space for an open plan lifestyle

What is Included:

Video 7 minutes, Fact Sheets, 2700 words

In this video we look at a new build which has been designed to be open plan and works on two mezzanine levels. It highlights the importance of planning your furniture layouts and some lighting aspects that rely on understanding the look you want to achieve. This really starts to entertain a more professional way of thinking and is inspiring.

This video made us realise that we needed to think carefully about how ‘open planning’ our old house and the furniture we must retain
Charles and Jenny Dishalt

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