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October Inside Look: Pattern in Interior Design


With so many exhibitions to attend at this time of the year, it’s difficult to make them all and I suspect that 100% Design was possibly not geared so much towards the everyday house owner. 

Graham & Brown
I managed to attend this one but not the others as we were busy filming important content on soft furnishings
 for the Design Help Members area.

Graham & Brown have moved up market and although their wallpapers were once found in the big sheds, you will now find them in more exclusive design retailers, including the Interior Design Showrooms in Brewers.

This picture shows a great fun decorative scheme on a Morris Minor at 100%Design, displaying their feature wallpaper of the year, Bloomsbury in Neo Mint. 

The Design is a Victorian take of the Bohemian lifestyle of a group of intellectuals in 1907 and their eclectic artistic lifestyle, which is represented in this design. 

It comes in Clancy Grey, Emerald and Noir with matching paint colours, £60 per roll.



Graham and Brown AppIn our latest Blog, we provide an easy to follow method for using the latest Patterns in interior design.  

The huge motifs, which are often floral, are not the easiest to use and will usually take centre stage. 

Pattern is big in every sense in the interior world, at the moment.  Gone are the plain white walls and Scandinavian influences that have become the Estate Agents favourites.  
Here come original, bold, designer homes, influenced by industry leaders.

Blog: Using Pattern in Interior Design


A free App from Graham and Brown allows you to to see how their wallpapers would look in your own room.This is a great tool to help you visualise and so easy to use.


If you look at Cole & Son, who are so famous for their wonderful papers you will find their influence strongly in other brands and in different formats.  Patterns are carefully crafted with great skill keeping old traditions alive but bring them up to date and ready for us to make our homes wonderfully dressed for today’s trends.

Current patterns

Pattern is everywhere and the re-emergence of second-hand furniture has not escaped the notice of a company called Patience and Gough who use pattern on paper and fabric applied to the oldest of pieces, turning them into exciting and original ideas for today.  

An Acrylic lacquer has been added to the table to help the wear and tear so these items are very usable and totally unique. Great retro looks which fit brilliantly in with today’s pattern crazy interior.



A quick tutorial with a visual scheme

With so much pattern and colour in today’s interiors, it means you need to up-grade your skill-set to be confident enough to use them.  

Here are some handy tips to get you started:

  • Look at your room or space and decide which parts you want to maximise the natural architecture and light and what time of day you use it most. Identify the positives.
  • Decide which items of furniture you must keep and those that just have to go.
  • Organise the space so it works for you 90% of the time you use it and find the gaps to fill
  • See how you can add flexibility to its use with additional pull down beds or storage that doubles up as seating, a coffee table, walk-in cupboards as hideaways for special days.
  • If your room is small think TV or Fireplace but not both and forget the TV over the fireplace!
  • See where your focal point(s) will be eg, fireplace, collage of artwork or photos, wall mural
  • Look at the colours in the pattern of anything you are using eg curtains, wall paper,
  • Use these colours in different ways for the walls, the floor, the ceiling and the joinery
  • Finally add new items using the same colour palette but think how they will look against the floor and walls – an interior generally has a large floor area and walls.  They should either contrast or blend in. Rugs on wood floors help to change colours quickly without major work. Accent colours in cushions, lampshades, plants, art, throws, can be quickly updated economically, seasonably and to give new life to an old interior
  • Don’t forget the ceiling. Think about up-lighting for reflective light and accentuating the features you have created as focal points with down-lighters or even plug in floor lamps.

This is how you take a beautiful but dominant wallpaper design and use it in today’s interiors:

Wallpaper: Graham & Brown Wallpaper of the year Bloomsbury in Neo Mint. 

Used the wallpaper as a feature wall with dark green painted floorboards, a rug with a stone background but with all the colours featured in a swathe of tufts. 

A contemporary chesterfield  to be covered in one of the chosen colours, and coffee tables in gold, a bookcase and floor standing lamp all taking their colours from the wallpaper design, skirtings and architraves, doors and windows as the boards. Additional walls and ceilings in G & B’s Stone. 
Light Fittings; a threesome hung low, a standard lamp backed up with functional lighting and a mirror on the feature wall to complete the scheme.

using pattern in interior design

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