Kitchen Renovation Course

The Design Help kitchen course is unique, giving the householder independent information on how to prepare, design, work either with a kitchen company or use a flat pack assembly of units.  

What you can expect

The course will

Kitchen Renovation Course Breakdown

An Introduction to Kitchen Renovations


Kitchen Design and Layout essential

Appliances; Their Features and Requirements

Building Your Kitchen – Project Management

Additional materials:

Included in the course your will get access to:

– Schedule of Finishes: Building Blocks and Finishes of a Kitchen
– Glossary of Terms used in Kitchen Designs
– Videos on Technical Drawing and Space Planning
– Extensive Backup Notes
– Space planning table and templates with dimensions.
– Design Help’s Special Top Tips

The Course consists of over 15,000 words but is only about a couple hours of easy reading and the video is divided into two parts of half an hour each with its own Fact Sheets of another 5000 words on general space planning and a table giving allowances.  This is a very comprehensive ‘must read’ course that will prepare you for designing a fantastic new kitchen whether you are working with professionals or DIYing.

The course is linked to the Technical Drawing and Space Planning Module which shows how to draw and plan a kitchen. 

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Kitchen Renovation Course

Build your perfect kitchen
£ 47 one off payment
  • 4 part course 15,000 words
  • Glossary of Terminology and Schedule of Finishes
  • Video on Space Planning a Kitchen
  • Dimensions Chart on Space Allowance
  • Design Help Top Tips


Cancel after 3 months, or earlier
£ 47 recurring every 3 months
  • Access to the Home Renovation Masterplan
  • Access to the Kitchen Renovation Course
  • Access to All Modules & Videos
  • Downloadable Factsheets
  • Monthly Newsletter with Professional Tips & Trends

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