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With Design Help, a wealth of videos, guides and project management tools are now available to you.

The Design Help experience

Joining Design Help will give you access to a wide-range of resources to support with your home renovation and interior design project.

This is advice that doesn’t appear in magazines. From concept and sample boards, right through to measuring a space and working with builders, you will be able to hear professional interior design advice from Debby, as well as tips from a range of trade and interiors professionals.


Joining Design Help will give you the following great advantages


The Master Plan

Design Help’s unique, step-by-step project management tool. Every week, we/Design Help will guide you through every phase of your build, renovation or room upgrade. It’s a whole new way of learning a set of skills that will help you design your own unique Interior.

Invaluable Interior

Weekly videos

To help support your Master Plan, our weekly videos look subjects that are not just about Interior Design but the whole process of refurbishing your home.


Support from other Design Helpers

Our Positive Box forum not only gives you the opportunity to showcase your project but will also inspire and motivate other Design Helpers.


Fact sheets

Design Help support doesn’t stop at videos. Our comprehensive fact sheets aim to give you even more detail to help you get to grips with the more technical side of a project.

In Depht Fact Sheets

Regular news, updates and exhibitions

There will be opportunities to come and meet Debby at Exhibitions – starting with the Ideal Home exhibition in March. Gain first hand, up-to-date knowledge that’s exclusive and fun to learn.


Suppliers Directory

Our online directory will give you access to trades professionals, retailers and experts.

Joining Design Help will give you the following great benefits:

We give you access to information that can only be found on expensive interior design courses. At a fraction of the cost, you have access to a real source of information and inspiration.

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3 Month Membership

£47 per quarter

The Master Plan

The Master Plan will be available in A3 printed format posted in a tube to all Members from the 4th March 2019 and marked with the Design Help copyright. The Cost will be £15 excluding P&P

Throughout the year the Master Plan and all its content, will be reviewed and discussed with every focus subject and relating it to the ‘process’ of a project on a monthly basis. It is not essential to purchase the printed format unless you want to and it’s only available to Members of Design Help.

Other material throughout the year may be available as one off costs. Eg scaled templates to help you space plan, seminar tickets etc, should you wish to purchase.

Further Information

See “Why Join Design Help’ for further Membership Details.

Frequently asked questions

Design Help is an online Home Renovation and Interior Design resource offering information and advice to members. It is not a consultancy service or a training course. We do, however, use a Focus subject each month so therefore able to give information that is important and relevant.

Interior Design is wide ranging in subject matter. Design help endeavours to address the fundamentals which often form the basis of the academic curriculum but with a realistic approach to the non- trained interior designer/property owner. It takes the most practical and realistic approach as to how to go about a project. Design Help does not take Interior Design in isolation to the reality of a refurbishment project. They go hand in hand.

The subjects covered are outlined in the Master Plan.

The Master Plan is available immediately as a gift at the Ideal Home Exhibition. Alternatively the Design Help sequence of Monthly subjects covers the main topics but in an order that allows you to find the format interesting, engaging and gives you time to prepare and do your research.

Yes, the Master Plan is available to purchase online for members @ £15. However, as the Master Plan is unique to Design Help, it works better when used alongside our videos and fact sheets, which will give you the most essential information.

If you have a good grasp of the interior design process, then yes. However, as the Master Plan is unique to Design Help, it works better when used alongside our videos and fact sheets, which will give you the most essential information.

No, it’s more than that and guides you through the whole process, which includes working with tradespeople, measuring a space, identifying structural or build challenges as well as room concepts and design. This can be applied to all sizes and ranges of projects.

Yes, there is a big difference. Interior Decoration is about the style, image and surface decoration of an Interior. Interior Design is about the property in three dimensions and considers how space is used, planned, structural alterations and the services as well as the decorative side. It does not replace the expertise of Architects, Engineers and Surveyors and other specialists, but works with them when required. We design from the ‘inside – out’ so the focus is on what you own and exists and must stay, your new needs and your lifestyle and the property. Design Help is led by Debby Thurston, an Interior Designer with an Msc in Construction Refurbishment Management.

Design Help is an online Interior Design resource offering information and advice to members. It is not a consultancy service or a training course. You will get a true flavour of what an Interior Designer does, and it will show you the additional training and natural talents you need to call yourself an Interior Designer. In general a degree course is needed. Today CAD is a definite requirement.

Unfortunately, this falls into the category of true Interior Design Consultancy with the appropriate fee, which can be very costly. For the average home owner, this may be unrealistic – hence the creation of Design Help, where you can learn enough information – at a fraction of the cost – to help yourself to design your own interior, call in the right specialist help and, in particular, understand the overall process.

Again, this is very difficult because of the geography. Design Help gives you advice on and guidance on the right questions to ask builders and/or consultants. It is paramount to either become a great DIY-er or involve well proven contractors. Project management tools are covered within the Design Help Subjects. It’s really important to recognise your own strengths, weaknesses and time availability, especially if you are considering the DIY route. Getting in the professionals is often a safer and faster method, allowing you to concentrate your time on earning the money.

Design Help information is given to the very best of its ability given that every situation and circumstance is different. There are no guarantees other than you will have more confidence in your decisions, you will enjoy the process and understand how everything should work. I will also help you ask the right questions, which is often one of the most difficult things when entering an area you are unfamiliar with.

Kitchen Renovation Course​

Learn how to design a new kitchen like an Interior Designer.

The course is filled with resources, videos and fact-sheets to help you plan and design a kitchen that meets your needs and looks fantastic.
All whilst staying on budget!