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Home Interior Design: Concept board vs Mood Board

How a concept can guide your home interior design project

Everyone loves and uses the term mood board.  It’s seen as the answer to all things design. Pinterest runs with this and even the most creative use this ‘magic template’. Without doubt, when you have a plan life is so much easier. 

home Interior design mood board

Mood board

Design Help has a Master Plan, specifically designed for Interiors; however, there is a difference in how we approach the art of making your home personal and create a unique finish, which is more than a simple mood board.

The Art of Concept

A Concept is the starting point of every interior design project and is the method of producing a model for your design.  

A Mood Board, however, is more about creating a feeling, or mood and takes on an ‘air’ of whatever is trending in the media. However, having the confidence to go with something deeper and more considered – on your terms – will reap massive rewards.

How Concepts work

  • They Evolve
  • They take time to consider, but pay you back in dividends
  • They understand your existing limitations
  • They appreciate a budget
  • They are flexible
  • They can work with one room or a whole house

Why use a Concept?

‘Safe Sex use a Condom. Safe Design use a Concept’. It may be an old saying but its message remains the same. Refurbishment is complex, and it’s all well and good having someone else come up with a concept, but they can’t see inside your head.

Interior Design is a relatively new profession, but if you research back through history, the big styles of the day were really detailed, well thought-through and carried ideas from construction and decoration, right down to door handles.   

This was not based on attitude, or a ‘feeling’, it came from a lot of thought and attention, although ambience and current trends were still emulated.

Admittedly, there are similarities between mood and concept, but it’s the terminology that’s been tampered with.

How a Concept can work for you?

  • Easier decision-making
  • Give you a solid framework to work with and expand
  • Help with problem solving; Difficult problems are more manageable with a concept
  • It addresses all key issues or challenges whether you live in a Palace, a terrace or a semi-detached.

As an Interior Designer with 30 years experience, I am here to help you, but there is one simple fact; the harder you work at your concept, the easier it gets.  

You will leave those with their mood boards, floundering in the wilderness of no direction. They will have lots of pretty pictures, colours and samples but will not be clear of how it all fits together.

No template sorts this one out. In fact, samples exist on Sample Boards – only! A totally different medium.  It’s not a mood but reality itself.

Where to Start

Design Help Concept board

Concept Board

At Design Help, our videos and fact sheets will help guide you through these differences and explain at what points you use a Concept vs a Mood board.  

As much as we love to get straight to gathering samples and ripping out the old, it’s best to wait for when you have all the design elements in place. Then it’s time to bring out the rubble bags and get to work.

Whether you have a one room Studio or large Manor house, the process is still the same. Concepts are there for purpose and space and will give you continuity, so you don’t lose sight of your project. It’s this focus that will give you an amazing space to live in.

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