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Every month Design Help issues a special Checklist with any Blogs or events on Interior Design. They give information in brief on popular topics that many people need help with. They are intended to be a starter and prompt for more in-depth research and cover the basics of the subject and are budget friendly and easy to read.

Checklists are designed to help those in a hurry or just as a quick introduction.  You may have considered some of the information but want to check you have not missed anything out.  Therefore they are a very useful resource. They are more than a check list for you to tick.  There is good solid information based on experience and professional training passed to you so can be one step ahead of the game. Each Checklist is approximately 1000 words.

Design Help's £1 Checklists

Kitchen Renovation - Checklist

Our most popular checklist as kitchens are very topical and an important part of a home to get right.  It covers:

  1. Getting started and your preparation steps
  2. The style and how it impacts your layout and finished look
  3. What to expect and the costs from a kitchen company
  4. Additional building requirements
  5. An outline of the build process

Home Renovation Survival Tactics - Checklist

What you need to do to prepare and survive through the renovation process. It covers:

  1. What you need to get started
  2. What the main issues with old properties are
  3. How you and your family must prepare
  4. What to expect in the build process and your part
  5. Essential preparation for your Interior Design

New Year, New Home - Checklist

Gain unique insight into what to look for when buying a new home with an eye to refurbishing and making it yours. It covers:

  1. How to prepare before you view a property
  2. The homework required should you wish to extend or make substantial renovations
  3. What to look out for when viewing a property
  4. The major physical challenges that will cost money to rectify.
  5. Renovation versus Refurbishment and your long term investment

Kitchen Renovation Course​

Learn how to design a new kitchen like an Interior Designer.

The course is filled with resources, videos and fact-sheets to help you plan and design a kitchen that meets your needs and looks fantastic.
All whilst staying on budget!