Design Help Templates to Scale:

The Design Help Templates @1:50 with notes on their use.

Design Help recognises that everybody does not necessarily want to become a professional interior designer but needs some of the skills to plan their own home. Therefore we have designed a set of templates of furniture to a most well used scale of 1:50 to help you with planning your space accurately. It works only in conjunction with a scale rule and an understanding of the plan you are working with whether it has been surveyed by you or a professional.

The Benefits of the Design Help Templates are;

Image: Sheets of Design Help Templates on A4 @1:50

Image: Simple Drawing Equipment


A plan

A final layout can then be pencilled onto a plan, and even inked if this is what is required, especially useful if you need to photo copy multiple versions.  

A plan for designing the services is essential to ensure you light the areas that are features and you know where you can add all the sockets and switches if you are not using a lighting system. Look under Lighting Symbols.

There are over 1700 words on how to use the templates that is downloadable with them.


Image: A plan using Design Help Templates

What is Included:



1700 words Fact Sheets

There is no video with just buying the templates but if you need some help then Planning your Space using Templates and a Scale Ruler will show you how to use the templates. (This comes with a Set of the Templates). The Scale Rule Video shows and explains how to read one with confidence and plan your space with a professional approach.

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Templates to Scale

Full access with downloadable Fact sheets
£ 4
One off payment
  • 7 pages of Templates to scale@1:50
  • Two pages of additional Symbols and Templates at 1:25
  • How to use your Templates Fact Sheets
  • Professional tips

Space Planning Bundle No 1

Downloadable Fact sheets
£ 16
One off payment
  • Planning your Space using Templates and a Scale Rule(this includes the Design Help Templates
  • Space Planning To Scale
  • Templates to Scale


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  • Access to the Home Renovation Masterplan
  • Access to the Kitchen Renovation Course
  • Access to All Modules & Videos
  • Downloadable Factsheets
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