Concept and Finding Your Own Style:

More than a mood board, find a style that works with your ideas and property.

Finding your personal style and deciding what is right for your property, lifestyle and occupants is a challenge as you want it to reflect you, be practical, flexible and possibly reflect current trends.

What You Will Learn

This Module Is for You if You Are:

Image: A concept board developed into a sample board for a new interior

Image: A mood board

The 'Mood Board' Is King

A Concept can guide your interior design project, with confidence and success, surpassing the mood boards lose disposition, by giving you real help and the most professional of looks. 

The Mood Board is King, everyone loves the word. It’s seen as the answer to interior design. Pinterest has templates. Without doubt, when you have a plan, life is so much easier but Design Help has a better answer.

The Art of a Concept

A Concept is the traditional method of producing a model for your design.  Mood is just an ‘ambience and feeling’, and fine for photo shoots and magazines. Originality and the confidence to go with something deeper and considered is essential for refurbishing and renovating your home.

A Concept:

Image: A Concept Board in progress showing basic components for a scheme

What Can a Concept Do for You

Once you have decided on your style and the way your ‘new interior’ will look and work, you will save time and money. You will be confident in the direction you have chosen and achieve a fabulous and very professional home, even if you are working to a budget.

This is such an important part of Interior design we have a set of four videos and over 4000 words of back up information to help you. It’s the part that is often left out yet so critical to your success. We have an easy to follow step by step process.

What Is Included:

Thumbnail No 1

1 – Concept and Finding your Own Style

 Video 8.30 mins, Fact Sheets 1100 words

Concept, possibly a new idea but we start from the beginning and show you how to get started developing your own personal style.

Thumbnail No 2
2 – Visuals and Words

Video 7.20 mins, Fact sheets 1000 words

Here we discuss refining your ideas down to help create your concept and look at the five key critical areas critical to developing a professional style.

Thumbnail No 3
3 – Bringing Everything Together

 Video 5 mins, Fact sheets, 1600 words

A step by step guide, to bring your concept elements together.

Thumbnail No 4
4 – Developing your Concept into a design

Video 6 mins, Fact sheets 840 Words

In the final video on Concept we show you how it is developed into a design and used in an interior  finalising your design and creating a meaningful shopping list. It also discusses designing to sell a property.


Read the fact sheets with each video as there is additional information. This is the most difficult part of
the interior design process – choosing which way to go and working with what you have, so it’s vital to
get it right and anyone can do this. Give yourself time and keep working at it as it is very satisfying and
confidence boosting.

“This totally changed my way of thinking our approach to designing our interior and was invaluable and well worth taking on board
Mrs S Quashai

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