Colour Trends:

Trends come and go but interior design is a fashion business so finding out what is current may give your scheme a lift.

The confidence needed to use the colour trends of today including some of the amazing patterns and textured wall papers is not to be underestimated. The cost of making a mistake guides the less confident to being more conservative and either using a very watered down statement which gets lost or its back to boring white.  

What you will gain

This video will show you:


Image: A blue green scheme with pink accents

Kingdom Lions by Graham and Brown

Image: Graham and Brown Kingdom Lion Wallpaper with matching colours

A colour scheme

This little room is not using any of the colours that I have chosen and is based around using a wallpaper to jazz up a tiny space using a Graham and Brown Wallpaper and their own corresponding paints. This is a very easy way to choose a scheme and the colours grey, dominate, with the yellow as an accent. It’s important to remember that using fashion trends that are very striking and possibly expensive can also go out of fashion quite quickly so choosing easy- to-change options could be a wise move. It’s the same as clothes fashion but they tend to develop rather than totally disappear.

Trends today

The trends in colours come and go and today it’s bold and daring. The colours of today are not quiet but very demanding and exciting which is in complete contrast to the white that’s has served us all for so long.

Keeping with just the trends of today is too limiting and without a doubt there is room for using schemes that do not lean on what is trending. There are some that will always work and most trends work around basic colours but with varying mixes of colours. The Flesh/peach pink that has been so obvious in fashion has now found its way into Interiors which works with so many deeper colours and far more interesting than white or cream.

clashing colours board scheme

Image: Clashing oranges, pinks and browns trending today

What is Included:

The Fact Sheets that accompany this video give the names and numbers of the samples of paper and paint that are shown and there are some ready made schemes that you could use. The Light and room size will play a part in their success but you can obtain samples of everything and test out as shown, to see how they would work. 

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