Colour and Paint:

Paint is one of the most obvious ways to bring colour to our interiors so choose the right type of paint.

We use paint all the time and it is possibly the most economical solution for wall and ceiling covering – or is it? Today there are so many types of paints on the market and the pricing structure is so very different. As part of our Colour Programme this video concentrates on colour testing and how to choose the right one for your scheme.

You will appreciate:

Image: Paint charts and sheets to take away to help form your ideas

Image: Dominant primary colours with purple, white and tan added to the mix for testing. 


Image: A seat in intelligent eggshell finish (interior) and intelligent eggshell (exterior). Paint both from Little Greene

Image: Graham and Brown wallpaper and matching paints

Paint companies

Every paint company will have their own special unique properties added to their ingredients and unless you are prepared to spend time testing properly you can make a mistake which is time consuming to put right. 

Paint can also be very expensive, particularly if you are matching up to wallpapers and using their recommended paints that co-ordinate. 

If you use cheaper options it can mean more coats to get the density required and a perfect match. Therefore take great care when colour matching using different makes of paint as it can make a difference to the colour and the quality as well as the price.

What is Included:

What you will learn:

 Video 10 minutes with Fact Sheets of 1800 words

"I have always found choosing paint difficult but now I know how to make it easy"
Mrs C. Wilmslow
"I have always used the cheapest deals for paint, but there is a huge difference in coverage and application, by spending a little bit more"
Martin. L, Birmingham

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