Choosing your Light Fittings:

A simple explanation of fittings and how they can be used.

There are so many fittings to choose from to design your lighting scheme you need to find a good supplier who can help you explain the technicalities of their fittings, the options within the different ranges and also price. Knowledge, before you go, is also key so go with a plan of what you want, and this will make your task much quicker and focused. Design Help can help with your preparation.

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Image: Accentuating Features

Ski Stairs

Image: Low-level stair lighting

Inspiration versus practicality

There are lots of inspirational ideas for lighting your home available in magazines and online but making the correct choice is more difficult. There are some obvious options but there are always alternative ways of providing great schemes, even on a budget. The beauty and ease of wirelessly controlled systems are an obvious choice if you have sufficient funds and definitely a new build option but can also be installed in refurbishment projects. 

If there are budget restraints with careful planning and clever switching arrangements you can still design a lighting scheme that will be flexible and dynamic because the fittings and technology are all there. You just have to find it. We will help you with our introduction video and some very extensive Fact Sheets of over 4000 words which are illustrated as well to help you visualise what can be done.

Therefore whether you are working on a small refurbishment project or a whole house you will find that we can give you help and its very important that you listen if you can, to the interview with the lighting designer who will give you information from his point of view. 

Pop07 Pull b 006

Image: Surface-mounted Spot Lights


Image: Decorative Chandelier


Image: Directional Down-lighter


What's in the package?

Image: A professionally lit piece of Art using six Surface mounted ceiling lights 

Videos included:


Choosing your light fittings – 20 mins

A visit to a Lighting Showroom

A visit to a lighting showroom recap – 7 mins

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Choosing your Light Fittings

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  • Choosing your Light Fittings 20 mins
  • A Recap Video on Fittings in the Showroom 7 mins
  • In-depth illustrated Fact Sheets illustrated 4000 words+

Lighting Bundle

Full access with downloadable fact sheets
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  • An Introduction to Lighting
  • Top Ten Tips for Lighting
  • Basic Lighting Plan 1-Sockets & Switches
  • Basic Lighting Plan 2 - Lighting Circuits
  • Lighting Symbols
  • A Visit to a Lighting Showroom and Interview
  • Choosing your Light Fittings + Recap video


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