An Introduction to Lighting:

A beginners guide to understanding the fundamental principles of lighting.

The Lighting revolution has given the interiors world a massive boost to the look and moods we can create. It has also made it a very complex world and a simple pendant with some lamps no longer sufficient for a ‘designer sitting room’. There is also a flood of products to the market especially with the advent of LED becoming easier to use in so many different formats. Therefore the key is to arm yourself first with some basic principles and then build your knowledge of suitable products.

This module gives you:

Image: A professionally lit interior

Image: The latest in light bulbs a decorative designer image

Lighting can make or break a scheme

The video is a great start, full of advice and information and is designed specifically for the average household wanting to achieve a good lighting scheme, within a budget, without the complexities of using a lighting system. This still gives you the opportunity of creating a unique lighting design for your own property and the back-up information is generous to help. 

Only you know what you want

Lighting is often mistakenly left to the last minute. A rushed scheme, driven by the demands of the builder who knows everything takes over supplying and installing to his design. This is NOT the way to go. Only you know what you want – you just need the right help to get there.

Image: A concealed Led lighting strip used to accentuate a gallery of photos

What is Included:


A 22 minute video with a 2000 word fact sheet.

This video goes over the basics and simple ways to light your interior.

I want you to be able to create a lighting scheme for your interior yourself without the expense of a specialist designer and expensive lighting control systems.

Lighting is a major subject in interior design


There are three different’ super bundles’ which give you a price for some, or all of the videos and also individual prices, so there is lots of flexibility to help you choose what is right for your project and personal needs.

"I particularly like this very easy to understand and implement set of videos on lighting as it definitely saved me money"
Mrs S Blake

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An Introduction To Lighting

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  • Additional modules in Lighting (see bundles below)

Lighting Bundle

Full access with downloadable fact sheets
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  • An Introduction to Lighting
  • Top Ten Tips for Lighting
  • Basic Lighting Plan 1 - Sockets and Switches
  • Basic Lighting Plan 2 - Lighting Circuits
  • Lighting Symbols
  • A visit to a Lighting Showroom and Interview
  • Choosing your Lighting Fittings + recap video


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