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Managing your home renovation project and making up the design as you go along is very difficult. Design Helpers don’t go down this route, they have a plan. Home renovation can be very rewarding and Design Help marries Interior Design with the refurbishment process to help you create your personal style.

Shopping for inspiration or thumbing through magazines both have their place but there are better ways to begin. Design Help has a formula that works for everybody and is easy and fun to follow. It will save you time, money and allow you to enjoy the process of making your house a home.

Our members are everyday home owners grappling with the challenges of getting a great home without breaking the bank…

“Design Help gave us a framework to work within which then gave us the confidence to develop our ideas into a fabulous home.”

When joining the Design Help, ‘Design Helpers’ have access to a wealth of information and support:

We know that Home Renovation can be testing. Finding solutions that fit your budget, as well as understanding the process, needs skill.
Design Help aims to simplify these fundamental requirements, so that everyone can achieve that elusive, professional edge to their interior.

Design Help is the creation of interior designer,
Debby Thurston, Dip Hons, KLC; MSc Construction Refurbishment Management, UCL.

She has worked on a broad range of projects from Hotels, Ski chalets through to major property refurbishment. There are few challenges or briefs that she hasn’t experienced.

Debby has also lectured on Interior Design and Project Management for 25 years
so is well placed to advise you on how to get the best from your budget.

“Interior Design should not be just the domain of the wealthy! My aim is to pass on all my knowledge and experience to my Designer Helpers through the Design Help website over the coming months and years”

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Design Help covers a huge range of subjects that address interior design, decoration and refurbishment.

An Interior perspective is different to that of architecture or construction, as we look at a property from the inside – out, your lifestyle, your needs and your ideal décor style. Like most subjects, there is an underlying raft of information you need to gather, to create a reflective personality that’s the inspiration for your home, which looks unique, but also operates like clockwork. The video gives a visual explanation of some of the subjects we cover.

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