A Visit to a Lighting Showroom:

An invaluable insight from a lighting designer and supplier of current professional practice.

Design Help does not get any sponsorship or funds from any company to promote its products but there are times when we need a business to assist us in getting over our message. In this instance we have chosen one lighting company to give you a broad outline of how a trade showroom operates and one company started and has developed with the changing times in this highly dynamic and technical area, that not only serves the trades but also the general public online. Therefore everything you see on camera here is available to you.

Mr Resistors showroom

Mr Resistor and Leigh, its director, has allowed our cameras in for an informal interview of over 30 minutes to take video footage and photos of their fantastic showroom and reap the rewards of their advice and how they operate.

The value of this video:

Image: Filming in Mr Resistors showroom


Image: Mr Resistor Lighting Showroom with Pendants

Lighting options

Every area has their own similar set up although we are lucky in London as we have a choice of different operations to work with, in the trade sector. The High Street in general does not give a balanced view and there is a problem. Generally the world revolves around the decorative lighting options with ‘down-lighters’ generically used without a real understanding of what they are for.

What you will learn:

Knowledge is key

Design Help hopes that with our videos we can enhance your understanding and encourage you to research further, before diving into your project without the information you need. Knowledge is everything and saving money comes second. It’s so easy to be led down a route that takes you out of control and into the realms of the technological wonderland with unnecessary costs attached. 

Your project needs to be YOURS. It deserves your time to research and achieve the best value for your budget. Lighting can do fantastic things – even open your curtains and turn off your heating – but the systems need to be right for you and what you are able to afford. Lighting is so flexible. It can offer you a great deal if you know how to ask and when to say NO.


Image: Switch plates in all finishes


Image: Orac Décor profiles with concealed LED Tape

We continue are lighting programme with;

Lighting is fantastic but you need to keep your project in financial perspective. I once had a ‘possible Member ‘at one of the shows but she had to ask her husband first if they could afford the amazingly discounted price, before signing up for a few months. He was at a lighting stand and prepared to spend over £7000 on a wizard system! She did not come back. Of course we all know where wizardry takes us!

What is Included:

A visit to a lighting showroom

This Video is not accompanied by fact sheets – there is so much here. Take the time to listen and absorb the full 30 minutes, learn and take notes.

Interior Wise Controls

Image: Interior ‘Wise Control ‘Systems by Mr Resistor.

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